Surfin` the Internet at 39,000 Feet

Singapore Airlines (SIA), already providing the most sophisticated
in-flight entertainment system available in the sky, will soon offer
passengers the ability to use laptops to gain high- speed connections to
the Internet. Connexion by Boeing, an industry authority in mobile
information services, will install its innovative in-flight connectivity
service on all of SIA`s long-haul aircraft by third quarter 2004.

The system provides full access to personal and business e-mail accounts
and files, including the capability to attach files to outgoing e-mails,
open attachments from incoming e-mails, download the latest news, look up
information or shop online.
SIA`s in-flight connectivity also will feature real-time television,
adding up to 12 television channels to the existing selection of more than
200 on-demand options.
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