Festive Flights from SAA

Voyager members wishing to spend their festive season holidays in Cape Town and London do not have to worry about competing for seats on South African Airways (SAA) flights. They have their own Voyager All Award flights.
The flights will depart from Johannesburg to Cape Town and London on December 18 and 17th.
SAA SA3222 to London departs from Johannesburg at 05h10 and arrives at Heathrow at 14H30. This flight will return as SA3223. It will depart from London’s Heathrow airport at 21h45 on January 7, and arrive in Johannesburg at 10H50 the next day.
Voyager members have another option. They can fly to London December 17th and return any day they wish. Also those beginning their journey on the return flight on January 7 from London to Johannesburg, can do so and return any day they wish.
For those wanting to travel to the Mother City, Cape Town, SA365 will depart from Johannesburg to Cape Town on 18 December at 18h40 and return as SA342 from Cape Town to Johannesburg on January 4th at 13h50. Those wishing to begin their travel from Cape Town can do so from January 4th and return on any date of their choice.
To make their bookings, Voyager members can contact the SAA Voyager Call Centre on (011) 978 1234.