Marshall Named to NASA Safety

Delta Air Lines` Vice President of Corporate Safety and Compliance John
Marshall recently was appointed by NASA`s Administrator Sean O`Keefe to
the newly formed NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel.

Marshall joined Delta in September 1997. Since his arrival, Delta has
experienced a reduction of employee injuries by more than 30 percent,
aircraft ground damages by 65 percent and flight incidents by 60 percent.
Marshall also has engineered significant enhancements to Delta`s
environmental compliance programs. Marshall presently serves as the
Industry co-chair of the Commercial Aviation Safety Team and is the only
representative from commercial aviation on the new NASA safety advisory
panel, bringing with him more than 35 years of aviation experience.

“While I am thrilled because this is an individual honor, I consider this
to be an even greater tribute to Delta,” said Marshall. “This honor
recognizes Delta for our outstanding safety culture, including the
prevention of aircraft accidents and reduction of employee injuries.”

The new panel, created in an effort to provide stronger, more focused
oversight on safety assessment, is expected to play an important role in
the ongoing safety assessment and review of the Space Shuttle program as
it prepares to return to flight. The panel will advise NASA on safety
issues regarding operations, missions and other agency issues and will be
involved in the space shuttle program`s return to flight after the fatal
Columbia accident on Feb. 1, 2003.

“We welcome the members` active participation in our efforts to emerge
from the Columbia tragedy a smarter, stronger and safer agency dedicated
to exploration,” said NASA Administrator Sean O`Keefe. “This panel will
have a deep capacity to conduct comprehensive, independent, external
oversight of NASA safety systems, operations and culture.”


NASA named nine new members to the panel and adopted a new charter which
calls for the group to be composed of recognized safety, management and
engineering experts from industry, academia and other government agencies.

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