Private Jet Is Not Just For Business

PRNewswire NORWELL, Mass. Dec. 2 :

It`s beginning to look a lot like the holiday travel season is officially
kicking off—the long waits in line, the worrying about whether your
skis make it to Aspen and the airport gate dash for your connection on
your eight+ hour trek for a four hour flight. One way to avoid the hassles
of holiday travel is to fly privately, and Sentient Jet, the innovator and
leader in private jet membership, sees strong usage among families,
especially during the holiday season.

“Family time, especially around the holidays, is precious, so many
families in recent years have turned to private jet travel, because when
you add up the time and energy it takes to fly commercially, the value and
convenience of a private jet makes sense to them,” said Mark Stone, CEO,
Sentient Jet. “Nearly 40 percent of our business is leisure travel, and
during the holidays that figure rises.”

Add up the time (eight hours with a stop over in Denver), cost
(approximately $10,000) and inconvenience (long wait lines, multiple bags
of checked ski gear) for a family of six to fly, for example, from New
York to Aspen the week between Christmas and New Year`s, and it becomes
clear why a Sentient Jet TravelCard has become increasingly popular during
the holidays, added Mr. Stone.
“Your family can fly with Sentient Jet direct from New York to Aspen in
four hours so you have time to hit the slopes that same day, the family
pet is resting onboard, the kids can play Nintendo while mom and dad munch
on chocolate covered strawberries, and the skis are right there with you,”
said Mr. Stone. “We are finding that leisure travelers, as well as
business travelers, are willing to pay the premium to fly privately
because of this kind of service and flexibility.”

Stone also noted that many fractional jet owners fly with Sentient Jet
during the holiday season because of the company`s lack of black out dates.


Sentient Jet pioneered the concept of Private Jet Membership as a
cost-effective alternative to fractionally or wholly owning a plane.
Members purchase TravelCards in denominations ranging from $100,000 -
$500,000. Sentient Jet also offers a GiftCard, perfect for the holidays,
available in denominations from $10,000 - $50,000. The cards are debited
on a per-trip basis, with members paying only for flight time and aircraft
size. Sentient Jet guarantees a five-hour response time, and customizes
every trip detail from transportation to and from the airport to in-flight
gourmet meals.
—Guaranteed availability of jets in five hours or less, 24 hours a day,
365 days a year;—Choice of premium class light, mid-size and heavy
jets, trip-by-trip;—Use of several jets simultaneously;—Access to
5,000 airports nationwide (compared to 500 for commercial airlines);—
Catered meals and virtually any amenity
Sentient Jet, Inc., headquartered in Norwell, MA, is the premier jet
membership provider, offering premium executive class aircraft service
with a guaranteed response time anywhere in the United States in five
hours or less. With an elite network of Part 135, ARG/US- or
Wyvern-audited jets located around the country, Sentient is the flexible,
safe, convenient and economically prudent alternative in private jet
travel. Sentient can be reached at