SWISS in Europe in Strong Demand

In only the second month since its introduction, the new “SWISS in Europe” product is already delivering figures that confirm the concept’s success. The higher booking volumes generated by the new lower fares are offsetting the smaller yields - a development that had not been expected until next year. Internet bookings are making a major contribution, having more than doubled since SWISS in Europe was launched. ÊÊ

SWISS in Europe is faring even better than planned. As early as two months since its launch, the programme has lifted revenue per available seat-kilometre to 3.2 per cent higher than the same month last year. A year-on-year improvement had not been expected here until 2004. ÊÊ

The lower fares offered prompted yield (revenue per revenue seat-kilometre) to fall 11 per cent in October. But the increased traffic volume - seat load factor was up 16 per cent - is already sufficient to offset the decline. Ê

SWISS’s permanently low fares on its European flights are proving highly popular, especially on the internet: the CHF 100 million threshold in revenue earned from online bookings for the year was passed a few days ago.