Airlines Help Travelers Fly Smart

PRNewswire WASHINGTON Nov. 24 :

As Thanksgiving approaches and the holiday season gets underway, air
travelers can take smart steps to make their travel experience as smooth
as possible. The Air Transport Association, which represents the nation`s
major airlines, is offering passengers its `top tips for travel` this
holiday season.

With increased government security at airports, delays are almost certain.
However, passengers can help by planning ahead and knowing what to expect.
Families also should take the time to prepare, since government security
checkpoints can often seem intimidating to small children not accustomed
to flying.
Airlines will deploy extra personnel to assist passengers during the busy
travel times. In addition, they offer the following tips to travelers:

* Allow an extra hour to get through airport parking, check-in and
government screening. * Use new travel technology offered by carriers,
such as Web site check-in or self-serve kiosks located near ticket
counters. * Consider a single carry-on bag, particularly if you are a
parent traveling with young kids, packing extra food, medicine and toys. *
Be prepared to show a government-issued I.D. and your printed boarding
pass at the airport security checkpoint. * Know that jokes about security
issues are no laughing matter and will be taken seriously by screeners. *
Leave your gifts unwrapped. * Leave prohibited items at home. * Label all
of your baggage with your name and contact information on the outside and
inside of your luggage, in the event you are separated from your bag. *
Place all medicine, cash, jewelry, passports, visas and other valuables in
your carry-on baggage. * In order to improve the flow of government
screening, try to wear slip- on shoes and avoid wearing metal objects. *
Never lose sight of your baggage by keeping it with you at all times and
never carry bags or gifts packed by a stranger.

For more information on airlines and how to travel smart, visit the Air
Transport Association`s Web site: Travelers are
also urged to visit the Transportation Security Administration`s Web site for more information on smart travel and items
prohibited from carry-on baggage.