American Airlines Comments on JetBlue

The following was released today by American Airlines:
Introduces High Speed Wireless Service
In 1998, American Airlines was the first carrier to offer wireless
Internet connections to customers in airports. Today, American provides
customers with secure, wireless service through T-Mobile Hot Spots at more
than 90 gates in 25 airports around the country. “We realized long ago
that our customers wanted an easy way to remain connected during the
travel experience,” said Stacey Frantz, spokesperson for American
Airlines. “And when you make a sincere commitment to reliable and
expansive wireless access in airports, you partner with an expert like
T-Mobile and let them focus on what they do best.”
Adds More Legroom Across Fleet
“American Airlines completed the transition to more room coach seating
almost 20 months ago, investing 332,000 man-hours of work to remove 9,670
coach seats from about 875 aircraft to give customers more legroom, not
just in one part of the airplane, but throughout the entire aircraft. This
completed a process begun in February 2000. With market conditions
changing in the post 9/11 era, American recently decided to restore
standard coach seating to its fleet of 140 757s and 34 A300s. But even
after this is accomplished, we still offer more room throughout coach, and
we do mean throughout coach, on 75 percent of our airplanes and 80 percent
of our departures,” said Al Becker, spokesperson for American Airlines.