Concorde Gifts Take Off This Christmas

PRNewswire LONDON Nov. 14 :
With the retirement of the Concorde in October, more people than ever are
clamoring for a piece of supersonic history. Concorde Collectables ( has been
selling Concorde memorabilia online for three years. Says Founder and
President Nick Bloomer, “Interest has skyrocketed, and over 70% of our
buyers say they are buying the items as gifts.”
The chance to fly the Concorde may be gone, but it`s still possible to own
a piece of its allure. Concorde Collectables offer a range of items from
silver VIP gifts, flight folders and stationery, to parts of the aircraft
itself. All the items at Concorde Collectables were created for use on the
Concorde and as such have real historical value.

Some of the top sellers on the site include:

Concorde Silver Luggage Tag. One of a series of silver gifts given by
British Airways to frequent Concorde flyers, this tag is made of hall
marked silver and features a raised Concorde logo.

Concorde Flight Folder. These green Concorde-branded stitched folders were
given to passengers on scheduled flights and contain a signed flight
certificate, embossed Concorde writing paper and envelopes, and Concorde
postcards. Owning an original memento of the aviation legend is within
reach of even the most casual buyer.

Other buyers are interested in practical inflight goods. Want to stay warm
in style? Try a Concorde blanket, designed to keep the legs of the rich
and famous warm at 60,000 feet. Or dine with the jet set on specially
designed Royal Doulton china intended for inflight meal service.


Concorde Collectables also have a number of actual Concorde aircraft parts
such as cockpit dials, seats and engine components which they regularly
put up for auction on their website.

Interest in Concorde gifts has come from all quarters. Says Nick, “Our
customers defy easy categorization—from people who have worked on the
design of the aircraft to children doing school projects, from people who
have flown on Concorde to those who wish they`d been able to. We get
serious collectors as well as people looking for an interesting gift. Over
half our customers are women, and we have buyers from all over the world.”

Marketing Director Lisa Perez elaborates. “The Concorde has a very special
attraction for all kinds of people. It`s beautiful, it`s exciting. It`s a
20th century style icon. And many people feel sentimental about it. We`re
all very sorry to see it go.” is run by Inflight World Ltd. The company started
life trading online in aviation service products and has been selling
authentic Concorde and other aircraft collectables since 2000. The company
operates from its own warehouse near London Heathrow Airport and ships

Concorde Collectables sells only authentic items that were directly
associated with the aircraft itself rather than items simply manufactured
as recent souvenirs. Most of the items for sale were purchased directly
from British Airways or British Aerospace and associated agencies. When
these items have gone there will be no more which makes them unique and
rare collectables.
The Concorde Silver Luggage Tag sells for $76, the Concorde Flight Folder
only $33, and Flight certificates alone can be bought for around $17. A
Concorde blanket is about $50, and the Royal Doulton china starts at $15
per piece.