HMY Airways Awards Discover the World Marketing First US Marketing Contract

HMY Airways, a Vancouver-based international airline, has established its
first marketing and sales representation by selecting Discover the World
Marketing to handle its US sales on the West Coast.
“With our relatively new service between Los Angeles and Vancouver, it was
essential to have a sales presence in this market,” said Judy Brooks, HMY
Airways Director of Sales - North America. “We know Discover`s reputation
and its ability to deliver results. There is a natural affinity that
already exists in the local movie production community-just one of the
many marketing opportunities we hope to tap with our new Discover
“We plan to increase HMY Airways brand awareness and generate significant
increase in revenues through our local market knowledge and a strong
strategic business plan,” said Jenny Adams, owner and CEO of Discover the
World Marketing. “We want to continue our partnership with HMY Airways as
it expands from its hub in Vancouver to new destinations, not only in the
US but in other parts of the world using our global network.”