Southwest Airlines Announces Arrival in Philadelphia

The airline known for its “LUV” is teaming up with Philadelphia, the City
of Brotherly Love, to let Freedom ring in 2004 when Southwest Airlines
lands at Philadelphia International Airport.
The carrier, making the announcement today in Philadelphia with airport
and local officials, will arrive in May 2004 and utilize four gates at the
airport to bring Philadelphia area residents up to 14 daily flights
initially to a variety of short and longhaul destinations. Southwest will
begin service with five new aircraft deliveries from Boeing. Flights and
fares will be announced later.
“The Freedom to Fly is a fundamental mission of Southwest,” said Herb
Kelleher, Southwest`s Chairman, making the announcement with Philadelphia
Mayor Honorable John Street and City of Philadelphia Director of Aviation
Charles J. Isdell during a news conference in Philadelphia. “Southwest is
well known for stimulating travel demand with its low fares and
outstanding Customer Service, and we look forward to introducing the
Philadelphia Metropolitan Area to our warm hospitality.”
Southwest`s breadth of service stretches from coast to coast and border to
border with more than 2,800 daily departures serving 58 cities in 30
states. Philadelphia will become Southwest`s 59th city and Pennsylvania
its 31st state.

“Southwest`s brand of service will revolutionize air travel in the greater
Philadelphia area,” Street said. “It is an exciting day in Pennsylvania
when we can announce that Southwest is coming to town.”
“We`re pleased that our infrastructure and airport operating costs were
attractive to Southwest,” Isdell said. “Southwest`s growth has been
closely monitored for years, and we know Philadelphia area travelers will
respond to the airline`s breadth of service and low fares.”