Emirates` New Long-Range Jet to Redefine Premium Travel

PRNewswire NEW YORK Oct. 22 :

Dubai-based Emirates Airline, which will start non-stop service to the
United States next spring, today announced that it will be the world`s
first airline to take delivery, on Friday, of the A340-500—the world`s
longest-range large passenger jet.
The new aircraft, designed for flights over 17 hours, will go into service
December 1st when it leaves Dubai on its first non-stop service to Sydney,
Australia - with a flying time of less than 14 hours.

Initially, Emirates will fly from New York to Dubai and shortly after to
San Francisco.

Pointing out that the A340-500s form the spearhead of Emirates` $26
billion aircraft order book, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed
Al-Maktoum, Emirates Chairman, said: “from April 2005 we expect to bring
in one new aircraft every month—for the next seven years. With them we
will become a truly global carrier serving all major business and leisure

In addition to eight A340-500s, Emirates has on order 26 Boeing 777-300
Extended Range aircraft, 45 Airbus A380s, the world`s largest civilian
aircraft, 20 A340-600s, eight Airbus A340-300s and eight freighters. More
than 100 new jets will be delivered to Emirates by 2012.


The ultra-longhaul A340-500 aircraft will help redefine premium travel as
part of Emirates` investment to meet and exceed the needs of every
customer, with an imaginative range of benefits and a level of service to
rival the personal comfort and luxury of even the most sophisticated
executive jets.

The new A340s, tailor-made for flights over 17 hours, for instance
Dubai/San Francisco, will carry up to 12 First Class, 42 Business and 204
Economy passengers, and nearly 14 tons of cargo. Initially they will serve
Australia, and from next year, North America.

Emirates` 54 aircraft already serve 70 cities in 50 countries, and
Brisbane is joining its network from October 26th. The airline has already
made detailed plans to serve many new cities, taking advantage of the
jet`s tremendous range to redraw the world`s air routes, while its
designer interior will be home to a host of innovations to captivate
customers in every cabin. These include 12 fully-enclosed First Class
suites with flat beds and doors which can be open or closed at will for
privacy; quieter cabins; revolutionary lighting to help reset body clocks
and minimize jetlag; the world`s most advanced inflight entertainment,
with 500-plus channels; and Room Service, an Emirates first. Customers
phone the galley to order meals, served at their seat at the time of their
Inside the aircraft, the quietest in service, noise-canceling headsets
will help them enjoy the huge variety of inflight programs, from classic
films to opera. Emirates was the world`s first airline with personal
seatback TVs in all three cabins, from 1992, and first with personal
Business Class video players, from 1998.

Business Class seats are laid out 2-2-2, putting everyone beside either an
aisle or window, and adjust at the touch of a button. Emirates Economy has
also been redesigned to make cabins quieter and more restful, with wider,
more comfortable 2-4-2 seats and nine-inch personal video screens—
larger than in almost every other Economy class. There will be extra crew
to cosset travelers and serve Emirates` award-winning cuisine, and more
toilets for customers` special convenience.