Virgin Sponsors 46664 Campaign

Virgin Atlantic is a sponsor for the 46664 campaign which is a series of
events urging the public to `Give one minute of your life to AIDS`. Spearheaded by Nelson Mandela to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the centrepiece of the campaign is a high profile concert in South Africa.

Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic, said:

“This will be a truly memorable event on many levels and one that I and everyone at Virgin Atlantic, feels very passionate about being involved in. I have had the privilege of knowing Nelson Mandela for several years and he is the one man I know who will make the world sit up and listen to his call to `Give one minute of your life to AIDS`.
“Virgin Atlantic is extremely proud to be a sponsor for this historic and important world event. We will be supporting the event not only by flying many of the artists, their support teams and the event organisers to South Africa but also through a range of fundraising initiatives. The Nelson Mandela Foundation will be our onboard charity from November until January and I would like to take this opportunity to urge our passengers to give generously to this very worthwhile cause.
Richard went on to say:
“AIDS has currently claimed 25 million lives worldwide and it`s spreading - fast. HIV/AIDS is one of the worst epidemics the world has ever faced, something must be done to stop this scourge - fast.
“Without doubt this is a Human Rights issue and as humans we all have the right to live without fear. Without the fear that our unborn children will die before the age of six, without the fear that human intimacy is a gamble with our lives and without the fear that as a suffering nation you are ostracised and ignored by a world that simply doesn`t care.
“This historic event will mark a new beginning for us all, a new freedom to speak out against those who ignore this global threat. Twenty years after Nelson Mandela was transferred off Robben Island in chains - we must all return with him, if not in person then as one global spirit.  A spirit that together has the ability to break the chains of human suffering and loss that is HIV/AIDS.”