Concorde Begins Farewell Tour

Concorde begins her historic farewell tour next week visiting five British cities in five days giving thousands of people the chance to see the supersonic jet fly for the very last time.

On board the 90-minute champagne supersonic flights from and to London’s Heathrow airport, will be 666 lucky guests, winners of the national Concorde competition, plus a number of VIPs and key British Airways customers.

The week-long tour begins on Monday, October 20, in Birmingham then continues through the week to Belfast on Tuesday, Manchester on Wednesday, Cardiff on Thursday and Edinburgh on Friday. All the flights will fly at twice the speed of sound - 1350mph - over the Bay of Biscay.

The final flight from Edinburgh on Friday October 24 will be one of three flights that afternoon to land at Heathrow to mark the end of Concorde’s commercial flying.

The other two Concorde flights will arrive from New York and Heathrow.


Martin George, British Airways director of marketing, said: “This is the very last chance many people will have to see Concorde fly and we are delighted that it is visiting all the capital cities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as Birmingham and Manchester. People on the ground can say their own personal goodbyes and, of course, those travelling as passengers on the last flights will become a part of history.”