Cheap Tickets Helps Customers with Package Travel

PRNewswire PARSIPPANY, N.J. Oct. 15 :

Cheap Tickets, a leading online travel Web site, is providing more than
just discounted airline tickets these days. Through its advanced
technology, Cheap Tickets offers customers the ability to dynamically
package the purchase of airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars into
one bundled low price, generally up to 50 percent off the price of
purchasing each travel component separately.`s dynamic and customizable packaging feature is easily
accessed from its home page through its primary search tool or via the
“Vacation Packages” tab. After entering search criteria, customers may
select among a number of well-known travel providers to combine at least
two components—airline, hotel and rental car—for one low price,
inclusive of taxes and fees.
Cheap Tickets always displays specific airline and flight information,
rental car provider, and hotel chain and location to help customers make
informed buying decisions. This Vacation Packages feature is different
than many competitors, who often shield the name of the provider and other
important information such as specific departure and arrival times until
the travel is actually booked.
“Flexibility, choice and value are important to Cheap Tickets` customers
and our Vacation Packages meet their needs through easy to use technology
and great priced inventory,” said Evans Gebhardt, president of Cendant`s
Retail Travel Services business unit. “It`s always great to save money
before your trip even begins.”

Cheap Tickets is a leading seller of discounted leisure travel products
both online through its Web site, Cheap
Tickets provides consumers access to its exclusive collection of
unpublished airfares, as well as regularly published fares on hundreds of
airlines. In addition to air, Cheap Tickets` family of discounted travel
products also includes hotel accommodations, cruises, rental cars,
vacation packages, condo rentals and Last Minute Trips. Founded in 1986,
Cheap Tickets is part of the Retail Travel Services business unit within
Cendant`s Travel Distribution Services Division.