US Airways Enhances Self-Service Check-In

PRNewswire ARLINGTON, Va. Oct. 16 : US Airways has added new features to its Self-Service Check-In kiosks
today, which now enable customers to choose either English or Spanish for
their kiosk transaction, as well as reroute and reissue tickets if their
scheduled flight is cancelled.

The enhanced kiosks also now alert customers if In-flight Cafe meals are
available on board their flight. The kiosk informs the customer of the
price, includes a picture of a sample meal, and advises the customer that
meals may be purchased on board the aircraft. Additionally, customers can
view requests for assistance already present in their reservation at the
Confirmation screen. The assistance request display is informational only,
and cannot be modified at the kiosk.

In the event that a customer`s original flight is cancelled, Self-Service
Check-In kiosks will now reroute the customer on alternate US Airways, US
Airways Shuttle or US Airways Express flights and reissue the ticket with
the new itinerary. The process will be initiated when the “Check-In and/or
Baggage Check” or “Change Flight” button is selected. Changes apply to
flights within the U.S., San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Croix only.

Additionally, the Dividend Miles bonus has been extended until March 31,
2004. Dividend Miles members will earn 1,000 bonus miles the first time
they use Self-Service Check-In to either purchase tickets or check in for
flights. Members also receive 50 bonus miles for each subsequent kiosk use.

Customers are already able to check in, select seats, purchase tickets,
use E-Upgrades, and change flights on the day of travel at Self-Service
Check- In kiosks. US Airways has 443 kiosks in 83 airports throughout the
U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more information, visit