SAA Flies Tackling Bags to Perth

In the spirit of patriotism and to support our national squad, South African Airways (SAA) will fly Storm Force Rugby Tackling Bags free of charge to the Springbok team in Perth, Australia.
The equipment, used to train defensive skills, will be flown from Port Elizabeth where they are being specially manufactured by Orbit Sports Manufacturers.
Orbit designs top international tackling bags to assist the squad with their training. The Springbok squad have complained that the ones they found in Australia and are currently using for training, are too light, and can cause injuries.
Springbok supporters contacted Orbit to help. The company will work day and night to make sure that SAA transports the bags on Friday from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg to Perth on Saturday for the team to receive them before their second game against England.
We are delighted to help the Springboks so that they can be at their best when they meet their opponents during the next weeks. We wish them luck throughout the tournament and hope they will make South Africa proud.
For those wishing to speak to Orbit, they can contact Jacko at 083-726-6605