Pan Am Exhibit and Event Anniversary

On Monday, October 6, the Museum of American Financial History and the Pan Am Historical Foundation will co-host a reception to view “Pan Am and the Golden Age of Air Travel,” the Finance Museum`s exhibition commemorating the 2003 centennial anniversary of flight. The event will be held from 5-7 p.m. in the Museum gallery at 28 Broadway in New York City.
Ed Trippe, Chairman of the Pan Am Historical Foundation and son of legendary Pan Am founder Juan Trippe, will receive one of Aviation Week magazine`s “Top 100 Stars of Aerospace” awards on behalf of his late father. The award will be presented by Stanley W. Kandebo, Aviation Week Group`s director of editorial content, who led the effort to select the 100 winners from 762 nominees. Juan Trippe placed number 28 in the “Top 100 Stars of Aerospace” and second in the award`s “Empire Builders” category, which is comprised of commercial airline founders and executives.
Among the event attendees will be former Pan Am employees from around the country, including pilots, flight attendants and other personnel. The event is open to the public and costs $10 per guest. Event fees are waived for members of the press.
About the Exhibit -

“Pan Am and the Golden Age of Air Travel” focuses on Pan Am`s clipper period, from 1935 through 1946, when it became the first American airline to fly to foreign destinations, the first to institute round-the-world service, the first to employ flight attendants, the first to serve meals aboard, and the first to show full-length movies.
Exhibit highlights include vintage route maps, advertisements, signage, postcards, brochures, a pilot`s jacket, and a collection of “first flight” covers. Financial documents, such as Pan Am stock certificates and annual reports, are also displayed.
Each visitor to the Pan Am exhibition receives an authentic Pan American Airways stock warrant from the 1940s, courtesy of the Pan Am Historical Foundation. “Pan Am and the Golden Age of Air Travel” will be on display in the Museum gallery through December 30, 2003. Admission is $2.
About the Museum -

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