SWISS in Europe Concept Launched

SWISS customers have responded positively to the SWISS in Europe travel concept since its introduction at the end of August. Bookings are up by over 25 per cent compared to levels before the launch. Sales volume increased in all distribution channels. As of October 1, passengers in economy class have the choice to purchase food and beverages on board.
SWISS’s new fare and booking system for European travel has been well received by the market. In the first four weeks after its launch SWISS in Europe registered an increase in total bookings of over 25 per cent, with volume higher for all distribution channels. ÊBoth agency and web channels have seen very large increases in bookings.
All booking classes are benefiting from strong customer interest. This means that the increase in sales in the attractive lower fares has been accompanied by a rise in sales in higher booking classes as well.
The implementation of SWISS in Europe includes the introduction of a new inflight food and beverage concept. Business class passengers continue to enjoy our established full-service product, while their counterparts in economy class now have the choice of purchasing food and beverages on board. During the introductory phase, the new inflight catering offer was provided free of charge to passengers in Swiss Economy, who responded enthusiastically to the range of fresh and satisfying choices on offer. As of October 1, passengers travelling in this class will be required to pay for their inflight food and drinks. The exception here are UM`s (children travelling alone), Êtheir meals and drinks are included in the UM extra charge. Kosher meals are available on board.
On flights shorter than 70 minutes, no meal service is provided in Swiss Economy, but mineral water is available free of charge. This policy applies to flights between Zurich and Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milan-Malpensa, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, as well as domestic services.
As always, more information on the complete SWISS in Europe product is available at