Northwest Highlights Smart Product Advantages

Northwest Airlines today launched new advertising that highlights the many strengths, products and services the airline offers today’s smart business travelers.
The print, television, Internet and outdoor advertisements showcase Northwest’s cutting-edge customer service technology, worldwide scope, competitive fares, convenient and efficient airports, new aircraft and other improvements recently made, such as its new World Business Class seat. All of the advertisements end with the message, “now you’re flying smart.”
“Now more than ever, it is important that we make consumers aware of the many reasons they should choose Northwest Airlines for their travel needs,” said Mary Carroll Linder, senior vice president of corporate and brand communications.
“Today’s traveler is smarter than ever, and is looking for an airline that offers innovative solutions that provide them with a convenient, efficient and comfortable travel experience. This advertising conveys that Northwest is the airline for smart business travelers, with smart employees, backed up by some of the smartest products and services found in the airline industry,” she continued.
The advertisements feature the new corporate identity and silver, red and black colors first shown with the unveiling of Northwest’s new livery in April. The advertisements also feature new visuals and audio consistent with the airline’s global presence.
A hallmark of the effort will be to maximize awareness of Northwest at minimum cost to the airline. In addition to strategically placed print advertising, the ads will appear on cable television, in markets critical to Northwest, and on the Internet. The effort will also involve select outdoor advertising.
“Northwest, like many airlines, continues to face financial challenges,” Linder added. “These new advertisements will be used in a way that maximizes Northwest’s return on investment, leveraging both conventional and new media outlets in ways that build awareness of Northwest very cost effectively.”
The new advertisements were developed to increase consumer awareness of the many convenient products and services that Northwest offers business travelers.
The first ad aired will define “flying smart.” The television advertisement centers on a calm, confident, unhurried and unstressed business traveler in a sea of hyperactivity. Having visited Check-In in advance to print a boarding pass and select his seat, he strolls purposefully but calmly through the super speeded activity of Northwest’s WorldGateway at Detroit terminal unrushed and totally in control. The voice over, in an equally calm and soothing tone adds, “It’s smart to print your boarding pass before you get to the airport. It’s smart to choose the seat you want to sit in. It’s smart to do things the easy way. Northwest Airlines. Now you’re flying smart.”
In “Alaska,” freelance photographer “Dad” is working hard to keep things running smoothly at home with the children so “Mom” can focus on her work at the office. A few clicks on the laptop and Mom sends Dad an e-mail birthday surprise - a ticket to Alaska. Dad prints the boarding pass and is soon at his dream photo shoot in Alaska. A voice then concludes the advertisement by saying, “Book online from anywhere. Northwest Airlines. Now you’re flying smart.”
“Watercolors” shows that some things have to be experienced face to face. A father takes pride in his young son’s focus on watercolors. The father clicks “LaGuardia” on his handheld computer. Father and son are then seen before a great modern painting, reminiscent of the boy’s watercolor painting, at a New York City museum. The voice over then says, “Companion fares. Save up to 35%. Northwest Airlines. Now you’re flying smart.”
The domestic advertising, developed by Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch, involved consumer research and focus groups conducted worldwide. A similar program is being launched simultaneously in the Asia/Pacific region.
Northwest Airlines is the world`s fourth largest airline with hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis, Tokyo and Amsterdam, and approximately 1,500 daily departures. With its travel partners, Northwest serves nearly 750 cities in almost 120 countries on six continents. In 2002, consumers from throughout the world recognized Northwest’s efforts to make travel easier. A 2002 J.D. Power and Associates study ranked airports at Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul, home to Northwest’s two largest hubs, tied for second place among large domestic airports in overall customer satisfaction. Readers of TTG Asia and TTG China named Northwest “Best North American airline.”