Van Nuys Airport Noise Enforced

Demonstrating their commitment to aggressively enforce noise restrictions at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) directed the City Attorney to file a lawsuit against a jet charter business accused of repeated noise violations.
The lawsuit against XtraJet marks the second legal action taken by the BOAC within the past 90 days to ban jet operators accused of violating the Non-Addition Rule, a noise regulation that limits the number of older, noisier Stage 2 jets that can use or be based at VNY.
“This legal action sends a clear message that noise restrictions in place at Van Nuys Airport will be strictly enforced,” said Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn. “We will continue to make every effort to preserve and protect the quality of life for San Fernando Valley residents, while maintaining the economic vitality of the airport. ”
Operations at Van Nuys Airport are governed by a Noise Abatement and Curfew Ordinance established in 1981. The ordinance contains a partial curfew prohibiting certain jet departures between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and other operational restrictions. Civil penalties for violation of the ordinance range from fines up to $3,500 to a three-year ban from the airport.
The Non-Addition Rule, an amendment to the original ordinance, limits the number of Stage 2 jets that can be based at VNY subject to certain exemptions. Further, the rule limits to 30 calendar days the time a non-based Stage 2 aircraft can use VNY except for major maintenance, repair and refurbishment purposes.
Since 2002, XtraJet has incurred 13 violations of the Non-Addition Rule, exceeding the calendar day limit by over 1,600 days.
“This legal action is yet another example of our ongoing efforts and commitment to reducing the impact of airport operations on the community,” said Los Angeles World Airports Interim Executive Director Kim Day.
Ranked as the world`s busiest general aviation airfield, VNY is one of four airports owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports, a self-supporting department of the City of Los Angeles.