Dragonair continues to support flood relief efforts

As efforts continue to assist those affected by the flooding in China this summer, Dragonair is again lending its support to the Hong Kong Red Cross by transporting relief supplies free-of-charge.
On September 19 it will deliver 149 cartons of clothing, worth HK$101,000, to Xian in Shaanxi province. In August and earlier this month Dragonair delivered supplies valued HK$565,500 to Henan and Sichuan.
“We are continuing to work with the Hong Kong Red Cross to make these life-saving deliveries and we encourage other organisations in Hong Kong to keep up their efforts,” said Laura Crampton, Assistant General Manager, Corporate Communication of Dragonair.
This summer`s floods have affected nearly 190 million people. It is estimated that 2.8 million houses and 10 million hectares of farmland have been damaged.