Elite Flight Solutions Adds Fourth Aircraft For Alaska Operation

Elite Flight Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB:EFLT) announced today that has signed an agreement to acquire a Cessna Citation II aircraft for use in Alaska. The Citation becomes the fourth aircraft placed in Alaska by Elite to service the Yukon-Kushkokwin air ambulance contract.
The Citation II joins three other aircraft in Alaska for use on the air ambulance contract. A Lear 25-D and two Lear 35-A jet aircraft were previously acquired for the Alaska operation.
The Citation II allows access to shorter runways, which is important for many air ambulance pick-ups in remote locations. Elite`s president, Gregory Love said today, “Access to these runways is a critical need for performance under terms of the contract and the acquisition of this aircraft fills a necessary component for Elite.”
Full operations under the Yukon-Kushkokwin contract are set to begin later this month. Revenues are expected to ramp up quickly with estimates as high as $1,500,000 per month by December of this year.