CASCO signs agreement to market FlightVu

In a new departure for the UK?s leading aircraft parts and spares company,
Commercial Aerospace Services Co Limited (CASCO) is to support Manchester,
UK-based AD Aerospace with sales and marketing; distribution of components
and spares and product support of the latter`s inflight video security
system FlightVu.
FlightVu is already installed with ten airlines including JetBlue,
easyJet, bmi, Britannia, MyTravel and Continental.  With legislation
imminent that requires all aircraft worldwide over 60 seats or 45.5 tons to
be fitted with new intrusion resistant doors and the requirement for
complementary on board surveillance monitoring systems, AD Aerospace is
anticipating considerable demand.
The new regulations requiring airlines in the UK to fit monitoring systems
to their aircraft by 1 November 2003 to enable the pilot and copilot to
visually monitor the door area outside the flight deck from their seats.
The UK Civil Aviation Authority is also recommending that airlines flying
aircraft of 19-seats and above conform, a topic that will be on the agenda
at the European Regions Airline General Assembly Annual Meeting in Dublin
this week.
“CASCO has an excellent track record in aircraft support and their strong
relations with European airlines, especially the regional carriers, makes
them an ideal partner for us,” commented AD Aerospace Managing Director Mike
Horne.  CASCO will be first port of call for the airlines for their
distribution, support and supply of parts.
“This is an exciting development in our portfolio and we are looking forward
to working with AD Aerospace, world leaders in the design and manufacture of
aerospace video camera products,” said Chief Executive Mike Farge.  CASCO
takes deliveries of the stock at our Partridge Green, West Sussex facilities
later this month.
Priced at between $18,000 and $25,000 a unit, the system offers flight deck
crew the opportunity to assess the situation outside the cockpit door and
identify people before allowing access.  The system can be expanded to
survey cabin passengers and freight holds, as well as external surveillance
of engines and fuselage.  The camera and supporting systems weighs 4 to
5lbs, conforming to RTCA DO160D design standards.  The fitting of the system
can easily be done during a C check.
In addition to supplying spare parts, CASCO offers full airline support for
all rotable repairs and logistics, consumable supply and initial
provisioning.  The company also supports many aircraft operators on
multi-year contractors. CASCO is headquartered at Partridge Green, West
Sussex and also has sub stores throughout Europe.  For more information
about the company`s expertise see