Orbitz displays packages in Vacation Matrix

Orbitz launched its dynamic-packaging tool and dubbed it the “Vacation Matrix.”
The technology, which uses a grid that has certain similarities to Orbitz`s air-search display, enables customers to view up to 120 hotel-airline packages (a maximum of 20 hotels and six airlines) on the same screen .
When customers click on a price, the next screen reveals flight times and any upgrade options for the hotel.
If customers don`t like the flight time, they can view other options, which may cost more money.
Taxes are included in the package price.
There is no booking fee.
Orbitz automatically adds travel insurance, but travelers may refuse it and click accordingly.
If rental cars are available for the vacation chosen, Orbitz gives travelers the option to add a rental car.
Orbitz claimed vacation packages “often provide savings in excess of 15%, compared to booking air and hotel arrangements separately.”