DOT gives new airline nod

A new U.S. airline planning to offer all first-class service at comparatively low fares is moving closer to takeoff.
The Transportation Dept. last week gave Primaris tentative approval to fly.
Final DOT approval of the fitness certificate is a near-certainty, and the company is working with the FAA on an operating certificate.
That would seem to leave funding as the last major obstacle. John Pearsall, president and CEO of the Las Vegas-headquartered company, said Primaris is “well along” in its plans to raise $64 million from a private offering of stock and “we anticipate to be ready to go by December.”
He said Primaris, offering “Southwest fare levels,” plans to start service with five 757 aircraft, initially flying the following markets: New York to Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco; Chicago-Los Angeles; and Chicago-Washington.
Primaris also told the DOT it has international aspirations, including eventual service to France, Germany and London [Gatwick].