Last-Minute Trips Put Adventure Back in Vacation

The days of making the same old vacation plans are over. Welcome to the world of last-minute trip adventures, made possible by the banquet of travel options offered by online travel providers. Travelers let “Carpe Diem” be their guide for summer adventure in a hunt for great deals that satisfy the budget and their yen to escape. Driven by activity rather than a specific location, travelers are giving themselves the option to explore new territory while doing everything they love on vacation. Where will this summer’s last-minute adventurers find themselves?

In a trend that’s going strong, last year 64 percent of leisure travelers in the United States planned at least one of their trips within two weeks of taking that trip, according to the Travel Industry of America (TIA). And of those people, one out of four planned only a day or two ahead. (

Nationally, TIA predicts a 2.5 percent increase this summer over last summer in the number of “person-trips,” or one person traveling one way more than 50 miles from home. is offering Last-Minute Trips featuring host-cities for various summer-time festivals. Travelers looking for a spontaneous getaway can now choose their destination based on their party preferences, from dance to boating to food to music, on as little as three hours notice. Cheap Tickets also offers hundreds of Last-Minute Trips also available through including Sun & Beach, Food & Wine, Music, Luxury, Family, Vegas/Casino, and International packages, with savings of up to 60 percent off.