British Public back Sir Richard on Concorde

An opinion poll has found that 87% of the British public think that Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic should be given the chance to operate Concorde.
Encouraged by this public endorsement Richard Branson called on BA to reconsider his offer of £5 million for BA’s operational Concordes for Virgin to fly them commercially and the alternative offer of £1 million towards a Heritage Trust to be established to keep Concorde flying.
Sir Richard Branson commented:
“Nearly nine out of ten of the British public are backing Virgin’s campaign to keep Concorde flying and are clearly telling BA to work with Virgin to keep this great British icon in the air.
“It would be a tragedy to see BA’s Concordes scrapped like Air France’s. I’m writing to Lord Marshall to tell him that we have a team ready to work with BA if only he’d give us the chance.
“Once again, I’m also calling on the Government to get involved.  There’s a real public interest in keeping Concorde flying and I’m writing to Patricia Hewitt to ask her to throw her weight behind the public’s demand to keep Concorde flying.”
The study was conducted in Great Britain by Taylor Nelson in a telephone omnibus survey. 1,011 adults aged 16+ were interviewed from 8-10 August 2003. The sample was weighted to represent the adult population of Great Britain aged 16+.