$70 Bonuses to Spirit Airlines Employees

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Aug. 18, 2003—Spirit Airlines, the largest privately-held carrier in the U.S. and the low-fare leader, broke four more performance records and will be cutting checks to more than 2,500 rank and file employees, below the status of vice president, for $70 apiece.
“We hit a Grand Slam in four categories, with zero passenger complaints registered with the DOT for the just reported month of June, zero flights cancelled in June, the best on-time performance compared to the 12 largest US airlines, and the lowest ratio of mishandled baggage compared to those carriers,” said Jacob Schorr, CEO and president of Spirit Airlines. “All this when we are breaking sales records and experiencing high load factors.” In 2002, Spirit Airlines ranked as the 13th largest US carrier, according to Aviation Daily, based on revenue passenger miles (RPM`s).
“Late last year we initiated a program to reward our employees for a job well done, I want to thank them for going above and beyond for our passengers and our company,” said Schorr.
Performance Bonus Program:
When did this program begin? Late 2002 and is on-going.

Have there been other performance payments to Spirit employees? Yes, the first bonus of $50 came in November of 2002, another bonus for $35 was given for performance in May of 2003. This is the 3rd bonus to date and the largest.

Who is eligible? All active full and part-time regular employees below the level of vice president.

How are payments calculated? A formula is followed for top rankings in on-time performance, lowest consumer complaints and lowest mishandled baggage compared to the 12 largest US airlines as described above.

When is payment received? Payments are made approximately three weeks after the national numbers have been released. Bonus checks are separate from and in addition to regular paychecks.
Spirit`s on time performance, consumer complaint ranking, mishandled baggage and percent of flights cancelled are measured against the Air Travel Consumer Report, a monthly report from the Department of Transportation`s (DOT) Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings.
Though Spirit Airlines does not report its monthly performance data to the Department of Transportation (DOT), and is not required to, it does compare its own data in major categories against the 12 largest US airlines, as described above, that do report to the DOT. Spirit uses the same measurements and metrics as those reporting to the DOT. Each metric is measured as follows:
—Spirit`s June on time performance is defined as all scheduled flights arriving within 15 minutes of schedule.


—Spirit`s June mishandled baggage measurement is based on the total number of reports received with regard to lost, damaged, delayed or pilfered baggage.

—Spirit had zero complaints registered with the DOT in June.

—Spirit had no canceled flights in the month of June.
The full DOT report can be viewed at: http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/report.htm. The report is divided into four sections with information being collected by the DOT`s Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Aviation Consumer Protection Division.
About Spirit Airlines:
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 12-year old Spirit Airlines is the largest privately-held airline in the U.S.
Recent enhancements:

—Customers who book on spiritair.com may make changes to their reservations with no change fee, up to one month prior to departure

—Pre-assigned seating available to customers booking on spiritair.com

—Passengers may print roundtrip boarding passes up to 45 days in advance of departure

—Day of departure upgrades to Spirit Plus for $40 each way
With a fleet of modern aircraft for scheduled and charter service, Spirit brings low fares and friendly service to Atlantic City, N.J., Chicago/O`Hare, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, S.C., New York/LaGuardia, San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa and seasonal service to West Palm Beach. Spirit`s website is http://www.spiritair.com.