Power Outage in North America

As a result of yesterday`s major power outage across the Eastern Seaboard British Airways has cancelled and diverted a number of flights.
Nine inbound services from North America were cancelled last night and in addition, four flights en route to New York and Toronto were diverted into other airports in the US and Canada.

As of 0830 this morning we have cancelled a further five services. They are the BA115 and BA175 (Heathrow to JFK), BA095 (Heathrow to Montreal), BA067 (Heathrow - Philadelphia) BA099 (Heathrow - Toronto).

New York`s JFK airport remains closed, however other airports on the Eastern Seabord have reopened.

We will be closely monitoring the situation throughout the day and will make further cancellations if necessary.

We are doing everything we can to help our staff and customers in the USA and Canada.


Customers who have any queries should call the British Airways UK reservations number on 0870 8509850 which is open each day between 0600 - 2145 hours or 1-800-AIRWAYS in the US.

We apologise fully for the disruption which is clearly beyond our control but we are doing all we can to help our customers in the USA and Canada.