SWISS Ground Staff Talks Successful

SWISS and the GATA, KV Schweiz, Push and VDO ground staff unions have agreed to make a contribution to the airline’s economy measures. The essential part of this contribution comes through flexibility as regards individual working hours, as well as reductions in other personnel costs. There was no agreement on a general reduction in salaries.
The package incorporates a working model, covering flexible arrangements between 42 and 37 hours.

The ground staff unions are supporting the contribution by agreeing to changes in respect of airline employee tickets and to a price adaptation of the currently subsidised personnel catering charges.

Potential legal disputes in connection with the mass dismissals have been settled.

In return, SWISS has prolonged the existing social plan by 12 months to 31.12.2004. An improvement in the social plan arrangements for older and long-serving employees has also been finalised.