Virgin Atlantic Concorde Poster Campaign

Virgin Atlantic can confirm marketing press reports that it is to unveil a poster campaign as part of its campaign to keep Concorde flying. It shows a retired Air France Concorde with its engines and tail fin removed with the lines “BA’s talking scrap” and “Don’t let BA carve up Concorde”. The poster will be displayed at sites in BA’s heartland.

Richard Branson commented:
“This campaign is designed to highlight the tragedy of allowing Concorde to be taken out of service and grounded. Both Air France and British Airways pledged that all the decommissioned Concordes would go to good homes including aviation museums as static displays. Indeed BA has gone further and announced publicly it is keeping one Concorde flying as a result of pressure from both the public and ourselves. However the picture of an Air France Concorde in Germany clearly illustrates the reality of the future of many of these aircraft. It is a reality which should not be allowed to happen to BA’s Concordes.”