British Airways Signs Agreement

British Airways is very pleased that the airline has reached agreement on a way forward and that the trades unions concerned have agreed to remove the threat of industrial action.

Mervyn Walker, British Airways director of Heathrow, said: “This is good news for our customers, staff and shareholders.

“The trades unions have accepted the introduction of the electronic swiping in and out system. They have recognised that the new system is an integral part of improving the efficient use of staff and resources.

“British Airways and the three trades unions have agreed also to continue discussing other cost efficiencies in our business recovery plan in a new separate joint working party.

“British Airways and the trades unions have agreed that the electronic swiping in and out system will become fully operational on September 1. Until then it will continue to be used on a voluntary basis.”
British Airways is confident that the remaining Future Size and Shape cost efficiencies will be delivered and on that basis the airline has agreed to pay administrative staff the three per cent pay award for 2003.


The trades unions intend to recommend the company’s three per cent pay offer to their members.

British Airways would like to thank the Trades Union Congress for facilitating today’s successful talks.