New Routes for Gulf Air

Stronger performance as passenger and cargo figures at the start of the third quarter continue to surge.
Gulf Air today announced that it was ready to move ahead with the next phase of its expansion plans as the effects of the three-year restructuring strategy reflect in record performance for the airline.

The number of passengers on Gulf Air flights for the month to date is up by 11.6 per cent year on year and has exceeded the airline’s projections for the busy summer month. The positive growth trend in first and business classes over the last six months continued with a significant 22.9 per cent increase in premium traffic for July.

The added capacity available on the airline’s recently launched all economy full service subsidiary, Gulf Traveller is also being utilised with above target load factors on flights out of its base in Abu Dhabi.

The strong numbers are matched by excellent On Time Performance (OTP) with 80 per cent of flights departing within 15 minutes. There has also been a 30.4 per cent decrease in denied boardings, indicating that measures to improve levels of service and efficiency are taking effect.

Gulf Air’s cargo uplift has also recorded strong growth with an increase of 7 per cent over July last year.


“Our exceptional performance demonstrates not only the success of our initiatives,” said Fareed Al Alawi, Vice President Network at Gulf Air. “More importantly it shows that we have the trust and confidence of our passengers.”

“Despite the enormous challenges of the Iraq crisis and the outbreak of SARS, Gulf Air is on track to meet its financial targets and to fulfill its obligations to the board and its three owner states,” he said.

“Our strong performance sets the scene for the next phase of our expansion strategy. In addition to the recently announced resumption of services to Sydney and Athens, we intend to resume operations to the USA and add still further key destinations in Europe to our network,” he said in conclusion.

Gulf Air was founded in 1950. Today, it is owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain, Oman and the UAE, and is the only truly pan Gulf airline in the region. The airline’s network stretches from Europe to Asia and covers 45 cities in 33 countries. The fleet is one of the most modern in the Middle East and comprises 33 aircraft.

The airline is in the first year of a three-year strategic recovery programme, headed by President and Chief Executive, James Hogan. The airline’s aim is to further evolve by taking its renowned cultural strengths, which have been gained over more than half a century, into a global environment.
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