SWISS 5.3 million Passengers in Six Months

In the first six months of 2003, SWISS carried a total of 5.3 million passengers on its scheduled flights. SWISS continues to be challenged by strong competition and the continuing weak economic environment. The average seat load factor from January to June was 68.7%.

On the European network, an overall seat load factor of 54.7% was achieved during the first six months. This figure is marginally below the previous year level of 55.0%. This half-year figure reflects a weak first quarter, with demand picking up strongly in May and June. The seat load factor in June was 66.0%. In the first six months, high seat load factors were achieved on services to Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Norway and the Czech Republic. These results benefit from the implementation of the previously announced measures concerning the use of smaller aircraft and/or reductions of frequencies on these routes. The reduced demand in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK resulted in seat load factors below expected targets on these services.

The overall seat load factor on the Intercontinental network was, with 75.3%, slightly below that of the previous year, where the figure was 76.9%. Despite the negative impact of the Iraq war, the Palestinian conflict and the SARS virus, a satisfactory seat load factor was delivered. This result was achieved due to the reduction of capacity that has been made during the last three months, particularly to the Middle East, Far East, Africa and North America. Flights to Beijing have also been suspended, and services to Hong Kong drastically reduced due to the heavy impact of the SARS virus on traffic flows. On the South Atlantic routes, high seat load factors were achieved.
Total passengers—Ê5’312’872
Total number of flight -ÊÊ103’980