New SWISS Route Network from Winter 2003

Swiss International Air Lines continues to put its new business plan swiftly into practice. ÊThe carrier’s newly-devised route network retains services to all key business destinations around the world. ÊThe company aims to achieve the business viability it requires by focusing on profitable and high-potential routes. ÊThe new network, which will be introduced with the 2003/04 winter schedules on October 26, extends to 71 destinations and will be operated by a 79-aircraft fleet.
SWISS is also making rapid progress with the further pillars of its new business plan. ÊDiscussions with suppliers over volume and cost reductions are proceeding well; and the company’s unions have also indicated a willingness to contribute to the turnaround desired.
The new SWISS network puts a clear focus on profitable and high-potential routes and destinations. ÊThe modifications called for under the new business plan are essential if the company is to achieve the profitability required within a reasonable timeframe.

While resizing its route network, SWISS will continue to serve all key destinations. ÊTotal available seat-kilometre capacity will be reduced by 27 per cent. ÊThe network will be operated by a 79-aircraft fleet.

The new European network will extend to 41 destinations (compared to the current 56). ÊBy streamlining its network and aligning aircraft size even more closely to market demand, the company aims to raise European seat load factors above 60 per cent. ÊOn the intercontinental front, SWISS will continue to serve its 30 most important destinations (ten fewer than at present).

A total of 70 destinations will be served from Zurich from the start of the 2003/04 winter schedules.

Bangkok, Benghazi, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Chicago, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Karachi, Los Angeles, Malabo, Manila, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai/Bombay, Muscat, Nairobi, New York (JFK), New York (Newark), Riyadh, São Paulo, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Tripoli, Tokyo, Washington and Yaounde