US Airways’ In-flight Café Service

US Airways’ In-flight Café service will begin tomorrow on most domestic flights of 700 miles or more. US Airways customers traveling in Coach Class on these flights will have the opportunity to purchase restaurant-quality deli meals onboard. In-flight Café service will replace currently offered snack service on some flights.

In-flight Café-designated flights arrive and depart from 24 airports: Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Ft. Myers, Fla., Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mo., Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Orleans, La., New York LaGuardia, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Fla., and Reagan Washington National.

In July 2003, 324 daily flights will have In-flight Café available for customer purchase in Coach Class. This represents 25.4 percent of all daily mainline departures.
The current In-flight Café menu features items from Einstein Bros. The Blueberry Madness breakfast meal comprises a blueberry-walnut muffin, a fresh honeydew and mandarin orange salad, yogurt with low-fat granola on the side, and a bottle of spring water, for $7.

Customers will have two choices for lunch and dinner, both for $10. The Chicken Caesar Sandwich meal comprises rosemary chicken breast, shredded Asiago cheese and romaine lettuce on a rustica hoagie roll and a side of Caesar sun-dried tomato dressing, a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit, Kettle Classic potato chips, a chocolate chunk cookie and a bottle of spring water. The Bros Bistro Chicken Salad is comprised of roasted chicken strips on a salad of fresh romaine and spring lettuce, topped with feta cheese, dried cherries and butter-toffee glazed walnuts, with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing on the side. Asiago herb flat bread, a chocolate chunk cookie and a bottle of spring water accompany the salad.

These menu selections will remain in place through July 15, after which point a new menu rotation will begin on the 16th of each month.


In-flight Café meals are available for purchase onboard, initially with cash only. US Airways Express flights will not offer In-flight Café at first; however, the concept will be tested in the fall. More information on In-flight Café is available online at

First Class passengers on In-flight Café-designated flights will receive complimentary In-flight Café meals, and in some cases, other complimentary meal choices as well. Complimentary meals for First and Coach Class passengers traveling on transatlantic and Caribbean flights will continue to be offered as in the past.

US Airways is the nation’s seventh-largest airline, serving nearly 200 communities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Most of its route network is concentrated in the eastern U.S., where it is the largest air carrier east of the Mississippi. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and the US Airways Express partner carriers operate over 3,300 flights per day. For more information on US Airways flight schedules and fares, contact US Airways online at, or call US Airways Reservations at 1-800-428-4322.