Air France Hands Over the Concorde F-BVFC

On Friday 27 June 2003, Air France`s fourth Concorde, the F-BVFC, will leave Paris-Charles de Gaulle and return to it`s place of birth, the Airbus hangars in Toulouse.

The F-BVFC (serial number 9) joined the Air France fleet on 3 August 1976. It made two round-the-world trips, the first from 6 to 28 September 1989, travelling 51,354 km in 37 hours 25 minutes, including 19 hours 17 minutes at supersonic speed, and the second from 10 to 26 October 1993, travelling 43,084 km in 35 hours 20 minutes, including 17 hours 5 minutes at supersonic speed. The F-BVFC flew a total of 14,322 hours and 4,358 flights.

The Concorde F-BVFC will be displayed at Airbus` new aviation park, currently under construction.

“This last Concorde flight marks the end of an era for Air France”, declared Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman of Air France. “We wanted Airbus, creator of Concorde and our partner throughout its 27-year lifespan, to have one of Air France`s Concordes and to display it for as many people as possible to admire. The magnificent work carried out on the F-BVFC throughout its career is symbolic of all that has been accomplished by the teams from Air France and Airbus on the entire Concorde fleet and other aircraft in use today.”

“It is a great honour for us to receive this unique aircraft here in Toulouse, whose technology greatly contributed to the success of Airbus”, added No‘l Forgeard, Chairman of Airbus.