Safety and Service for Success

One of the core strengths of the Austrian Airlines Group lies in the above-average quality of its safety and service. For decades, Austrian hospitality, friendliness, reliability, high safety standards and attentive, personal service have been product features prized by passengers from around the world. Passengers consistently place the Austrian Airlines Group at the top of the relevant airline rankings, confirming the company’s superior levels of quality. To fulfil such high expectations, the Group needs to carry out training update sessions for its employees on a regular basis.

Two brand-new mock-ups of aircraft interiors have now been constructed to provide the very latest safety and service training facilities for the entire Group. These have been being officially opened on 24 June 2003 at the Technical Base of the Austrian Airlines Group.

All future safety training sessions will be held in what is referred to as the CEET or Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer. The mock-up of an Airbus A320 - which is 14 metres in length and weighs around 40 tons - uses an hydraulic motion system and a specially-designed sound system. It can be elevated to a height of 1.2 metres and has a motion speed of 0.5 metres per second. These specifications enable trainers to create realistic simulations of a wide range of situations including loss of cabin pressure, turbulence, a build-up of fire and smoke and behaviour during emergency landings, and to provide employees with essential training in what to do under such conditions. Special facilities such as an own fire trainer and door trainer also enable specific training sessions to target one-off situations.

New mock-ups of an Airbus A320 and an A330 are also available for gastronomic and procedural training. The A320 mock-up is 15 metres in length and 4 metres wide, and contains 57 passenger seats. At 19 metres long and 5.6 metres in width, meanwhile, the A330 is sufficiently large to offer space for 24 Grand Class and 43 Economy Class seats. Both mock-ups feature wardrobe space and fully functional galley areas, loudspeakers, cabin video screens and cameras. Up-to-the-minute technology and simulation systems allow training courses to be held that recreate real-life aviation situations particularly effectively.

In addition to introductory courses, retraining and Chef de Cabine training sessions, the new simulators will allow the Group to provide Grand Class courses, Purser trainings, announcement trainings and basic trainings for its Japanese flight attendants. Training sessions have also been provided for external clients for some time under the title “Time for Service”.


The Austrian Airlines Group has always stood for the very highest levels of professionalism and top quality. These new training facilities will guarantee that the Group’s unrivalled standards continue to be maintained.