SAA Resumes Abidjan Service

12 June, 2003, JOHANNESBURG: South African Airways (SAA) has resumed its twice-weekly service to Abidjan, three months after the airline suspended its flights to C™te d`Ivoire’s capital because of the war.
SAA last flew to Abidjan in February, but suspended its service when the war broke out. The airline resumed its service this week with flights operating on Wednesdays from Johannesburg, via Accra, to Abidjan and on Saturdays direct to Abidjan.

The new schedule is as follows:
From Johannesburg, via Accra, to Abidjan: Departs at 13H10 arrives at 19H30.
From Abidjan, via Accra, to Johannesburg: Departs at 20H30 and arrives at 06H35.
From Johannesburg direct to Abidjan: Departs at 14H40 and arrives at 19H20.
From Abidjan, via Accra, to Johannesburg. Departs at 20H30 and arrives at 06H35.
SAA also flies via Dakar, Senegal to New York on Tuesdays and Sundays. Other West African destinations include Lagos in Nigeria on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and to Accra in Ghana three times a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.
For more details, passengers can contact the SAA Central Reservations telephone numbers +21 11 978 1111/2222 and/or the website,