Award for SWISS Cabin Crews

Skytrax, one of the most renowned opinion research institutes in the airline branch, has given SWISS the award for ?Best Cabin Staff” in the European category. More than 1.8 million passengers world-wide cast their votes.

The “Oscar” for the airline branch assesses cabin crews, not only their efficiency, but additionally on “soft factors” which, taken together, demonstrate why the flights represented a special experience for the passengers. The following criteria from the passengers questioned were analysed and assessed over a period of six months.

* Efficiency
* Presence
* Attentiveness
* Friendliness
* Consistency
* Sincerity and Attitude
SWISS is happy to note that, in the current difficult situation, the service provided by its cabin crews is receiving world-wide recognition . It is a clear indication that the SWISS ?Destination Excellence” is on the right track.
The cabin crews of SWISS codeshare partners Malaysian Airlines once again won the award as “World’s Best Cabin Staff”. This, SWISS clients can also enjoy outstanding service on flights to Kuala Lumpur
On June 2, the readers of the Brazilian edition of BT Business Travel Magazine voted SWISS as their preferred European airline. With one third of all the votes SWISS was shown to be the clear favourite of the Brazilian business travellers. Air France, in second place, obtained 14.8% of the votes.