Ryanair Dishes the DIRT on Bank of Direland

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 low fares airline, today (6th June03) dished the “DIRT” on Bank of Ireland, and called on them to come clean and match Ryanair’s unbeatable packages with travel insurance, personal loans and credit cards.

Ryanair’s Head of Communications, Paul Fitzsimmons said:
“Ryanair recently launched a raft of new financial services for consumers in Ireland and UK, and surprise surprise, Bank of ‘Direland’ don’t like it! Just like we revolutionised air travel for millions of Irish consumers with affordable low cost air travel, now Ryanair is bringing new low cost financial services to consumers.

The banks have had it their own way for too long, and Bank of ‘Direland’ are running scared because Ryanair are offering superior low cost financial products, direct to consumers at www.ryanair.com
Bank of ‘Direlands’ dull credit card rates offer nothing to the consumer, whereas Ryanair’s unique visa credit card, not only offers low rates, but also a FREE RETURN FLIGHT, with the very 1st purchase using the Ryanair credit card. (No matter how small the purchase.) In addition, Ryanair is also offering 1 FREE RETURN FLIGHT for every 10 flights booked with Ryanair, using the Ryanair credit card.

When it comes to travel insurance, Bank of ‘Direland’ should pack their bags and leave it to the experts. Bank of ‘Direland’ are fleecing consumers with 30 days European comprehensive travel cover for 250% MORE than Ryanair’s travel insurance.

As for Ryanair’s recently launched personal loans packages, even Bank of ‘Direland’ recently acknowledged in The Irish Independent (29th May03), that Ryanair’s personal loans are “cheaper” - their words not ours.”