Vagn Soerensen Elected to IATA Board

The World Air Transport Summit/AGM - Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association, which was held on 2 June 2003 in Washington, USA, has elected the Chief Executive Officer of the Austrian Airlines Group, Vagn Soerensen, to its Board of Governors, which acts as a Supervisory Board. Thirty-one of IATA’s 278 member airlines are represented on the Board of Governors, a steering committee concerned with addressing the global challenges facing the world aviation industry.
Vagn Soerensen made the following comment upon his appointment: “Aviation today is faced by more numerous challenges than ever before. Given the industry’s major significance for national economies around the world, the time has come for us to solve these in partnership with national governments and organisations. In the interest of fair competition, future subsidies must be held down wherever possible; the problem of uneven distribution throughout the value creation chain in civil aviation, which is based on existing monopolies, must be clearly addressed; and in Europe in particular, we need to optimise the infrastructure situation of an excessive number of territorially-bound air traffic control organisations. In my new position on the Board of Governors of IATA, I hope to be able to make an efficient contribution to the gradual solution of these themes, while the main focus of my commitment will continue to be on the consistent restructuring of the Austrian Airlines Group.”