Gulf Air Resume Daily Sydney Service

Gulf Air, the national airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, will commence daily operations to Sydney and Athens with effect from 23 November this year.

Operating its fleet of Airbus A340-300 out of Bahrain, Gulf Air will offer a three-class service on daily flights to Sydney via Singapore, providing the shortest elapsed time on flights to and from Australia.

Simultaneous with the commencement of flights to Australia, Gulf Air will start non-stop daily services between Athens and Bahrain to give passengers from Greece a brief connection of just over an hour to the Sydney flight.
“The schedule has been structured to offer passengers from the Gulf and Mediterranean countries the shortest, most convenient flights to and from Australia, and provides excellent connections to Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, Larnaca, Tehran, Istanbul and all the Gulf destinations,” said Fareed Al Alawi, Vice President Networks at Gulf Air.

“There is enormous potential for growth in trade and tourism between Australia and the Gulf,” said James Hogan, the airline’s President and Chief Executive. “By providing strong air links, Gulf Air will play a vital role in facilitating and supporting this process.”

About Gulf Air: Gulf Air was founded in 1950. Today, it is owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain, Oman and the UAE, and is the only truly pan Gulf airline in the region. The airline’s network stretches from Europe to Asia and covers 43 cities in 32 countries. The fleet is one of the most modern in the Middle East and comprises 30 aircraft.


The airline is in the first year of a three-year strategic recovery programme, headed by President and Chief Executive, James Hogan. The airline’s aim is to further evolve by taking its renowned cultural strengths, which have been gained over more than half a century, into a global environment.