United Airlines Customer Commitment

United employees around the world are committed to ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy safe, seamless travel and superior customer service every time you fly with us. With roots in the travel industry that stretch back to 1926, United is not new to the service business. But just as our operation has changed over the years our customers` expectations have changed as well. In 1999, after consumers let our industry and their elected officials know that the travel experience left something to be desired, United joined other major U.S. airlines and the Air Transport Association in adopting voluntary plans to improve customer satisfaction. United`s version of the plan, “Our Customer Commitment,” addresses all areas of the travel experience. This section of united.com provides more detailed information about our 12-point commitment to customers.
We encourage you to explore this page to learn more about our 12-point commitment to you. It also includes information on our efforts to improve areas such as our on-time performance, the airport check-in process, our baggage service, information technology and to enhance your comfort on the ground and in the air. It`s all part of our continuing effort to ensure that you experience a consistent level of quality customer service whenever you choose to fly with us.