easyJet Scores Highly In World`s Largest Passenger Survey

The latest Skytrax survey has revealed that very little separates easyJet`s low-cost service from traditional airlines` economy class.

The Skytrax survey compiles the views of 4.4 million air passengers, making it the largest of its kind in the world. The latest survey shows that easyJet is matching or beating the economy service of British Airways, British Midland and British European, effectively destroying these airlines` argument that passengers are paying more for better service.

easyJet`s efficiency at check-in, boarding, inflight and baggage reclaim matches that of British Airways and British Midland, and it beats all three traditional airlines for the friendliness of its in-flight service. The survey also revealed that, far from being of a lower standard, passengers felt that easyJet`s seating and cleanliness on board was equal to the traditional economy experience.

These results prove that no-one compromises on service by flying with easyJet. In fact, quite the opposite!