THAI Seeks Public Health Personnel

Mr. Kanok Abhiradee, President of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, announced that THAI has introduced and implemented two more measures, in an effort to guard against the further spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), as follows:

1. THAI’s Station Manager in countries considered to be affected areas will proceed with coordination of the following:

1.1 Coordinate with public health ministries or the disease control department in countries that are SARS affected areas and arrange for public health personnel to assist THAI staff in screening passengers for SARS related symptoms, in order to accurately determine whether the concerned passenger will be allowed to board THAI’s aircraft.

1.2 Coordinate with the government function under the public health ministry or the disease control department of each respective country with a SARS outbreak, requesting the function concerned to issue an announcement to passengers planning flight departure from that country to carry a current health certificate ensuring they are fit to travel, before flying THAI flights - with immediate effect.
2. THAI’s Crisis Management and Operations Center (CMOC) has been requested to coordinate with medical institutes to arrange for public health personnel to be on board some of THAI’s flights, with no overnight stays, in order to screen passenger health.Ê This additional preventive measure will be implemented in an effort to guard against the further spread of SARS.

THAI will provide further information on additional measures which will beÊ implemented by the airline, in accordance to the situation at hand.