SWISS Magazine Gets a Gold Medal

SWISS Magazine - Travel in Style on-board magazine has been awarded the “Oscar” in the “Tourism and Lifestyle” category for corporate magazines. The presentation was made in Cologne. The company is naturally delighted to accept the honour of “BCP Best of Corporate Publishing” which was awarded by the Forum Corporate Publishing jury.

SWISS Magazine - Travel in Style magazine was adjudged German to be the best company magazine in the German language. This was the decision of the jury in the magazine competition “BCP Best of Corporate Publishing”

Produced in-house:
SWISS Magazine is prepared internally at SWISS by a four-person team, headed by Regina Maréchal. ÊThe on-board magazine is read by about one million passengers each month. In addition, 4,500 subscribers regularly receive the travel magazine by mail.

Awarded in Europe:
The “Oscar” for corporate magazines is awarded by Forum Corporate Publishing, the largest association of company publications in Europe. The awards, introduced for the first time this year, cover various categories and branches. The 30-person competition jury grouped all the relevant disciplines such as company communications, marketing, journalism and layout. Ê
The ceremonial presentation took place yesterday in Cologne within the framework of the ?Best of Corporate Publishing 2003” Congress. Nina Groscurth and Paolo D’Avino, editors of the SWISS magazine, accepted the gold medal on behalf of SWISS in front of an audience of specialists.