Air Canada Reports Normal Operations

Air Canada reported business as usual
systemwide during its first full day of operations since announcing yesterday
a corporate restructuring through a filing under the Canadian Companies`
Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).
Over 1400 Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Tango and ZIP flights operated on
schedule in the last 24 hours. The airline`s reservations centers reported a
minimal increase of ten per cent in call volumes, with all calls answered
within two minutes on average. Call volumes to Aeroplan call centers increased
by seven per cent with calls answered on average within two and a half
minutes. Future booking patterns were normal at both Air Canada and at
“Our customers are experiencing business as usual at Air Canada as our
operations continue to run smoothly both around the world and around the
clock,” said Robert Milton, President and Chief Executive Officer.
“A normal day of operations after an announcement such as we made
yesterday clearly shows that our customers and business partners have
confidence in Air Canada`s future and that our employees are focused on
continuing to deliver the safe, reliable and top-flight service for which Air
Canada is renowned,” he concluded.