Ryanair Cancels Route to Grenoble

Ryanair, Europe`s number 1 low fares airline today (1st April 03), announced that it was pulling out of its proposed new route from London Stansted to Grenoble (French Alps) due to contractual difficulties with the airport.
This route had been taken on as a result of negotiations with the airport after the announcement of Ryanair`s acquisition of Buzz but recent contractual difficulties have led to Ryanair being unable to conclude an acceptable agreement with the airport.

Announcing the closure of the route, Ryanair`s Deputy Chief Executive, Michael Cawley said: “We sincerely regret closing the route to Grenoble but unfortunately the attitude of the airport authorities there gave us no alternative. We already fly to St. Etienne in the Rhone Alp region and we will be offering all of our existing passengers either a refund or the offer of a transfer to another route.
It has always been our policy that we need a long-term low cost deal to underpin the widespread availability of our low fares which are the key to our success.

Unfortunately the airport management and the region have been unable to deliver on the agreement they originally indicated to us and we have no alternative but to terminate the route before it is even started. We sincerely apologise to all of those passengers inconvenienced by this decision.”