Finnair Name Turns 50

On April 1, 2003Êthe Finnair name has been in use for 50Êyears. The world`s fifth oldest airline Finnair was founded under the name Aero in 1923. At age 30Êin 1953Êthe airline started using the name Finnair in its marketing. Finnair became the official name of the airline in 1968.
Finnair turns 80Êon November 1, 2003. This year is also significant in terms of aviation in general as the world`s first motorised flight took place on December 17, 1903Êwhen the Wright brothers realised the dream of flying for 12Êseconds covering a distance of 40Êmeters. By as early as in 1920, post, cargo and passengers were already carried by air regularly.
Aero made its first flight from Helsinki to Tallinn in 1924. The “home hub” was the Helsinki port where the Junkers F13Êaircraft took off and landed on the water`s surface - equipped with pontoons in the summer and skis in the winter.
By December 1936Êthe aircraft were able to take off from ground airports. By the end of the 1930s, Finnair had flights to almost all European capitals, although a flight to Paris for example took 11Êhours. As airports were constructed around Finland, Aero was able to star building its domestic network.
After World War II, the name “Finnish Airlines” was painted on the sides of the aircraft. In 1947Êstewardesses started working on the flights and despite the hard times, they served the passengers broth and coffee from thermos flasks.
Today Finnair has one of the densest domestic networks in Europe and approximately 50Êinternational destinations. The farthest-reaching destinations are Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka as of June, Beijing, New York and Shanghai as of September.
As the most experienced airline in the North, Finnair`s operations are based on providing customers with the best service, ongoing development and adaptability, which we believe will take the company through the hard times the aviation industry is facing now.